Charleston Negligent Security Attorney

If you have suffered personal injuries due to the negligent security of a property owner, contact a personal injury attorney in Charleston, SC. The Max Sparwasser Law Firm, LLC  can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

In 2016, there were 411 violent crimes committed in Charleston and over 3,500 more property crimes. In many cases, proper security measures may have prevented these crimes. The owner of the property where the crime took place has a responsibility to take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the people on their premises.

To learn more about what property management entails, talk to a premise liability lawyer.

When Lax Security is Negligence

Criminals often find ways to foil even the best security; however, they are more likely to stage an attack on a location where the security is not as strong. You may suffer an attack needlessly when property owners are negligent about security.

Property owners have certain responsibilities to the people they invite on their property and must ensure their property is reasonably safe to occupy. This means they must maintain the property in good repair and prevent injuries during the normal use of the property. When a property owner fails to take basic, reasonable, security precautions they may be negligent.

Examples of Negligent Security in Charleston

Property owners may be negligent in their security duties if a  reasonable person could have foreseen the crime and the property owner still took no steps to secure the premises. Reasonable security may vary depending on the property. Here are some specific examples depending on the type of property:

What to Do If You Believe You Were a Victim of Negligent Security

Take steps to document the incident if you believe you’ve been the victim of negligent security. Call the police to report the crime as soon as possible. A copy of the police report will be necessary to document the crime.

Write down everything you can remember as soon as possible after the event. This will help you ensure your memory of the details stays fresh. Be sure to include anything that leads you to believe that the security was negligent.

When you can, photograph the scene, including any areas where security appears to be lacking. Owners may repair broken lights or busted locks after a crime to try to absolve themselves.

When an owner is negligent about security you have a right to pursue compensation for what you have suffered. The Charleston negligent security lawyers at the Max Sparwasser Law Firm, LLC are experienced in these cases and can protect your rights. Contact us today.