Charleston Burn Injury Attorney

If your burn injury is the result of someone else’s negligence then you deserve compensation. The Charleston burn injury attorney Max Sparwasser is experienced in helping victims get the compensation they deserve after their accident.

People can sustain burn injuries in fires, explosions or electrical shock. Injuries from burns are some of the most painful you can suffer. They often leave the victim with life-long scarring, disfigurement, and pain. If you recently got burned in an accident that wasn’t your fault, contact a personal injury lawyer in Charleston today.

What Compensation Can I Seek for My Burn Injury?

Determining the exact amount of compensation a negligent party might owe you after an injury is complex and depends on the severity of your injury. Generally, you can seek the cost of medical expenses incurred as a result of your burn. This includes doctor bills, hospital expenses, and the cost of prescription medication. You may also seek compensation for any time you miss from work as a result of your burn injury.

You may also be eligible to seek compensation for the pain and suffering your burn injury caused you. Burns are extremely painful injuries, and you may be eligible to receive compensation for the resulting discomfort and reduced quality of life.

If you recently suffered a burn injury and are looking for legal advice on what you should do next to receive the compensation that you deserve, contact one of our Charleston burn injury lawyers today.

United States Burn Injury Statistics

Burn injuries more often than people think. Here is a snapshot of how many people are affected by burns and electrical injuries in the United States.

How Burn Injuries Happen in Charleston

One of the most common places for people to suffer from burns is at work. Construction jobs and workplaces involving frequent use with electrical wires, heat sources, or dangerous chemicals increase the risk of suffering from an accidental burn injury. Workers’ compensation is there to protect workers who suffer burn injuries at work, but often the system can feel stacked against an employee with a legitimate claim.

There’s also ample opportunity for fires to cause serious burns inside our homes. Many house fires are the result of defective products. When a product fails to work properly the results can often cause serious injuries to those who use them. Fires often start from a defective product that develops an electrical short or overheats causing the materials to catch fire or start a fire in the area around them. A person whose burn was caused by a defective product deserves compensation from those whose negligence resulted in a dangerous item being on the market. If you believe that you got an electrical burn injury due to someone else’s error, contact a Charleston electrical injury lawyer.

Car accidents are another common source of burn injuries. In the wake of a car wreck, flammable fluids and sparks may combine to start a fire that may injure you before you are able to get clear of the accident. If you suffer a burn injury in a car accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence then you deserve fair compensation. Speak to a car collision attorney now.

If any of these instances happen to you, call a Charleston burn injury lawyer to help you get the settlement that you deserve.

Burn Injuries on Children

Children may suffer burn injuries when those entrusted with their care fail to take the proper precautions to ensure their safety. Children often do not realize the danger of a hot product or appliance, and fire is often a draw to them. Teachers, daycare workers, and others trusted to supervise children have a responsibility to keep a watchful eye on them and to protect them from accidentally burning themselves and others. When those responsible for childcare are negligent toward the children entrusted to them then you have a right to seek compensation for your child’s burns.

Find the Best Charleston Burn Injury Attorney

Under South Carolina law you have a limited time to make your claim for compensation after your burn injury. For most cases, you have only three years to file a claim, but there are some exceptions.

The sooner you begin your claim then the more likely you are to have all the evidence available in your case and avoid missing key deadlines. Contact one of the experienced Charleston burn injury attorneys at the Max Sparwasser Law Firm, LLC today for a free consultation.