Attorney Referrals

Max Sparwasser Law Firm, LLC Welcomes Attorney Referrals

The Max Sparwasser Law Firm greatly values attorney referrals, which is why many of our cases come as referrals from other lawyers. Many of these referrals are from lawyers who do not handle personal injury, worker’s compensation, or contingent fee cases. We also receive referrals from other personal injury attorneys and we value these relationships. We understand that certain cases require, and benefit from, partnering with other attorneys and law firms in order to share and leverage expertise, fund caseloads, and provide local representation.

We are happy to discuss referral fees, fee-sharing, and other arrangements with the goal of ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services available. You can trust that the Max Sparwasser Law Firm will do the best possible job on behalf of you and your client.

For more information regarding how we can help you and your client, please contact Max Sparwasser at (843) 864-6444.

Referrals and Consultative Legal Services

The law office of the Max Sparwasser Law Firm, LLC is positioned to work with other attorneys and law firms, in-state or out-of-state, in cases involving the following:

If you have a client that requires representation in South Carolina or in a field outside your primary practice area, or if we can assist you or your client in any other way, please feel free to contact Max Sparwasser at 1 (843) 864-6444 to further explore partnering and referral opportunities.