Charleston Dram Shop Liability Lawyer

After an accident with an intoxicated individual, you might think the drunk person is the only one you can hold liable for your injuries. Thanks to South Carolina’s dram shop laws this might not be the case. You might also be able to hold accountable the establishment or individual that furnished the person with alcohol. The Charleston personal injury attorneys at Max Sparwasser Law Firm, LLC can help you explore your rights after a drunk driving accident, bar fight, or other incident involving someone under the influence in Charleston.

South Carolina’s Dram Shop Laws

The South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled on a few dram shop claims in favor of injured victims over the years. The Supreme Court has once ruled that a “dram shop” – any alcohol vendor, including a store, bar, or restaurant – could be liable for an alcohol-related accident if the harm was “reasonably foreseeable” to the dram shop.

If a reasonable and prudent shop would not have served or sold the alcohol to the individual in similar circumstances then the court might rule the dram shop defendant liable for resultant injuries. Simply selling alcohol to a minor will not necessarily result in dram shop liability in South Carolina. The courts must find that the person who caused the accident or injuries was under the influence of the provided alcohol at the time. Another SC Supreme Court case held that a shop was liable because it furnished someone who was “visibly intoxicated” with alcohol, after which that person went on to injure someone else.

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