Charleston Uninsured Motorist Claims Attorney

In South Carolina, all drivers must maintain at least $25,000 in property damage liability vehicle insurance, $25,000 in bodily injury/death per person, and $50,000 in bodily injury/death per accident.

Driving while uninsured is against the law, yet thousands of drivers do so every day. If you are unlucky enough to get into an accident with one of these drivers, a Charleston injury lawyer at the Max Sparwasser Law Firm, LLC can help you with the claims process.

What to Do After a Crash with an Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

If someone without proper car insurance collides with you in Charleston, remain calm. Stay on the scene and call the police.

Involving the police can ensure that the driver doesn’t give you false information. Police will document the crash, take down the driver’s name and contact information, and make the accident part of an official record. Notifying the police will also result in a fine for the uninsured person so that he or she doesn’t continue to drive without insurance and cause the same trouble for someone else. Once you’ve gone to the hospital to tend to any injuries, call your own auto insurance company and report the crash.

In most cases, your own insurance company will cover your damages in an uninsured/underinsured driver crash. The State of South Carolina makes it mandatory to have the same minimum amounts in uninsured motorist (UM) insurance as typical car insurance. Underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage, however, is optional. UIM insurance provides additional coverage if your damages exceed the limit on the other driver’s policy. UM/UIM insurance will provide benefits to cover your medical bills and/or property damage in the event that the at-fault driver’s policy isn’t sufficient.

Learn more about South Carolina traffic and driving laws by speaking to a Charleston car accident lawyer.

Why Do You Need a Charleston Uninsured Motorist Claims Attorney?

Uninsured and underinsured drivers pose a major risk in South Carolina. More people than you might realize break the state’s insurance laws by getting behind the wheel with no coverage. When someone else’s negligence suddenly becomes your problem, seek help from our attorneys. We’ve helped car accident victims recover in all types of insurance scenarios and can help you understand your options in an uninsured/underinsured case.

Our lawyers can help you gather information and documentation regarding your crash, including copies of police reports and medical records. We can take over negotiations with your insurance company on your behalf while you focus on recovering from your injuries. We’re more than happy to speak to insurance claims adjusters so you don’t have to. We understand their common tactics in an effort to minimize your compensation award and can combat them with our own litigation strategies. You can rest assured we’ll do all we can to get the most possible for your claim.

If your own vehicle insurer denies your claim or tries to unfairly limit your compensation, retain our attorney. You should also talk to an attorney if you simply don’t want to deal with an insurance claim after an accident with an uninsured/underinsured motorist in Charleston.

A Charleson uninsured motorist claims lawyer can take your claim off your shoulders, get the best results possible, and protect your rights every step of the way. Talk to an attorney about your recent car crash today. Call (843) 864-6444 or contact us online today.