Charleston Hunting Accident Attorney

In Charleston, hunting is a time-honored tradition for all ages and has been passed down for generations. Many hunters in the area use the wild game to feed their families. As common as this pastime is, there are surprisingly few hunting firearm accidents in the state.

It is estimated that around 150 people die each year from hunting accidents- with 17 million hunters in the United States, these rates are fairly low. Much of this has to do with hunter safety courses and the regulations in place to ensure hunter safety. Unfortunately, they still occur and are most often life-changing or fatal for the victims. If you or a loved one has been injured from hunting, give the Charleston hunting accident lawyers at the Max Sparwasser Law Firm, LLC a call.

Do I Have a Hunting Case?

South Carolina law looks at many different factors when an individual is injured in a hunting accident. If the hunter is injured from a gunshot wound then the courts will look at the shooter’s intentions and consider whether he or she was acting in a negligent manner. Factors involved in the shooter’s case will decide if he or she was properly trained, licensed, and hunting legally on the land.

When an injury or death occurs from a tree stand, the case can become more difficult to interpret. Seeking an experienced Charleston hunting accident attorney can help to determine whether the tree stand manufacturer sold a faulty or unsafe product. At times, old or worn tree stands on a hunting property can result in holding the landowner accountable. Looking at all factors involved will be necessary in order to present a successful case.

Common Gun Shot Injuries in Charleston

In 2017, there were a handful of hunting incidents in South Carolina, all of them severe or deadly. In September, a man was mistaken for a hog by another hunter in Anderson County. Both individuals were hog hunting on private land when the victim was shot in the head by a hunter using a thermal night scope on her rifle. In December, a duck hunter was shot in the shoulder from behind with a high-powered rifle. The victim was lucky to survive and is still recovering from reconstructive shoulder surgery.

Gunshot injuries are extremely dangerous and always cause severe bodily harm. Injuries can result in internal organ damage, bone destruction, excess blood loss, or death. Many of the victims involved in hunting gunshot injuries are entitled to compensation from the shooter or the land owner’s liability insurance. If you were recently sustained a gunshot injury, speak to one of our Charleston hunting injury attorneys for help.

What Are Tree Stand Injuries?

Firearm accidents are the most fatal injuries that occur during hunting, but surprisingly, the most common of all hunting events involve falls from tree stands. Tree stands are placed above the ground and put hunters at risk for severe injuries from falls. The risk of injury increases when the tree stand is defective or improperly manufactured. Common defects in tree stands include poor design, lack of instructions for use, inadequate safety harnesses, or defects in metal.

In one tree stand injury case, a victim was seated in a tree stand while turkey hunting. The tree stand fell to the ground paralyzing the victim. With the help of an experienced Charleston hunting accident lawyer, the court found the victim to be 50% at fault and the manufacturer 50% at fault. The jury awarded the victim $18.5 million in damages, minus 50%, reduced to reflect the victim’s fault in not inspecting the product before use.

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