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If you or someone you know has suffered serious injuries due to college hazing then the team of Charleston personal injury attorneys at Max Sparwasser Law Firm, LLC, is here to help you. Hazing is an old tradition that involves putting new college students through rituals designed to induct them into college life.

Unfortunately, over the years hazing has become more intense and even harmful to the point where 44 states including South Carolina now have laws prohibiting college hazing. Local colleges; including the College of Charleston, the Citadel, and Charleston Southern University, take steps to keep students safe on campus, but hazing still occurs.

What is Hazing?

It is important to understand the legal definition of hazing to determine whether illegal hazing has occurred.

Hazing takes place between a “superior” student and a “subordinate” student. A superior student is one who has enrolled in the state university, college, or other public education institution longer than the subordinate student or has a position that in some way gives him or her authority over the subordinate student.

Hazing can be striking, laying an open hand on, threatening with violence, or submitting an individual to abusive, shameful, insulting, or humiliating treatment.

Typical examples of hazing may include:

Hazing is Illegal and Against School Policy

Hazing is not only illegal in South Carolina, but it’s generally against school policies in South Carolina. Those who perform such rituals may not only face criminal prosecution and civil penalties–they may also face expulsion.

It is not only those who perform the hazing that is in violation of the law but those who permit or assist in such hazing. Anyone who witnesses illegal hazing and fails to report it has also violated South Carolina hazing laws.

Additionally, hazing often violates other laws in the process. For example, hazing often involves making the subordinate student drink alcohol, sometimes in excessive quantities. Because incoming college students are usually under the legal drinking age then this may violate state laws against serving alcohol to underage people.

What to Do If You or Someone You Know Has Been Hazed

The first thing to do if you have been the victim of illegal hazing is to report it to the proper authorities.

Second, seek medical attention as soon as possible if you may have suffered an injury as a result of the hazing. It may take time before your symptoms reach the point that you realize you have a serious problem. Allowing trained medical personnel to examine you will not only protect you from further harm but will document the injuries you received as a result of the hazing.

Lastly, you should get in touch with a Charleston college hazing lawyer. They can look into your case and provide guidance on what legal actions can be taken, like pressing charges. In addition to bringing criminal charges, you may also be able to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages due to missed time from work, and pain and suffering.

Colleges and Universities Near Charleston, SC

Name Address Phone Number
Trident Technical College 7000 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29406 (843) 574-6111
Charleston School of Law 81 Mary Street, Charleston, SC, 29403 (843) 329-1000
Charleston Southern University 9200 University Boulevard, Charleston, SC, 29406 (843) 863-7000
College of Charleston 66 George Street, Charleston, SC, 29424 (843) 805-5507
The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina 171 Moultrie Street, Charleston, SC, 29409 (843) 225-3294
Medical University of South Carolina 171 Ashley Avenue, Charleston, SC, 29425 (843) 792-2300
The Art Institute of Charleston 24 North Market Street, Charleston, SC, 29401 (866) 211-0107

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No one should have to endure the humiliating and often harmful treatment from illegal college hazing. By stepping forward to report the activity and pursue compensation for your treatment you not only protect your rights but the rights and safety of others on campus. You owe it to yourself and your fellow classmates to speak up against illegal college hazing. Call the  Max Sparwasser Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation today.